Freelance technologist

G-Layer is a combination of technological development, design and engineering deployed over a broad range of applications.

Eclectic, inventive and a little bit eccentric, G-Layer was born to deliver excellence and innovation, keeping in mind that between: cheap, fast and good, you can pick only two at the time.

Whenever “off-the-shelf” doesn’t cut the mustard, G-layer is here to help you.

About me

Trading as G-Layer since 2009, I have an extensive experience in remote field technology and logistics for off-the-grid expeditions. Prior to establish myself as leading consultant in this field, I’ve worked for world-class NGOs in some of the most remote areas of the planet.

I’ve also worked in communication infrastructure design and implementation, hence, I am acquainted with the latest technologies and innovation.

Further in life, I’ve developed an overwhelming passion for bicycle restoration, traveling…and blogging about it.

Technology meet creativity

I’m pretty good with tools, as I am with management platforms and softwares. I believe G-layer offers a niche of expertise the corporate world is not capable of producing.

If you are after a creative, tailor made solution, G-Layer is here for you.


From start to finish, a beautiful website.

bike restoration

Experience in mobile application development.


Expert advise for consistent and secure code.